Modem Unlock

Longcheer wm66

Step 1: Since DC unlocker is a paid service.. we will use dc-crap.. crack version of dc unlocker.. (provided below) Download and extract to desktop..

Step 2: Before opening the application. first plug-in your loongcheer wm66 modem with different sim (globe or sun). Since mine was already unlocked globe sim was recognized.

Step 3: Determine what com number your usb modem. At side tray right-click on your Local Area Connection and click OPEN NETWORK CONNECTIONS

Step 4: Right-click on smartbro at choose properties and you will see the com number.

Step 5: Now that were ready lets start unlocking your modem. Open dc-crap and follow the setting below. ( you must use the com number on your modem ). Regarding on the server just put anything you want on username and password. Dont click check login and procceed on searching your modem by clicking search button.
About the com ports.. i have figured out how it works after a few trial and error.
Application: (port we have found in step 4, mine is com21)
Diagnostic: ( port next to the application port, since mine is 21 i choose com22)

Step 6: After the modem was detected by dc-crap. choose unlock buttom at top right of the application and press unlock. (since mine was already unlock, SIM LOCK STATUS APPEARS UNLOCKED)

Step 7: And your done.. hope your modem was already unlocked

Note: longcheer wm66 modem has two types.. wm66 and wm66a this only works on wm66 AND NOT ON WM66A.


credit goes to larnsberg ng
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